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Laboratorio AGRAMA’s management is aware of the importance of quality as a competitive factor, both on a national and an international scale, especially in the sector that it works in, where the clients are increasingly demanding. Following this line, Laboratorio AGRAMA has introduced a Quality Control System, which has been accredited by the Spanish Accreditation Body ENAC (www.enac.es) according to the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard. This standard contains all the requirements that test laboratories have to meet if they want to prove that they have a quality control system, that they are technically competent and that they are capable of producing technically valid results.


“Ostinato Rigore”
Leonardo Davinci



Rigour means dissatisfaction with imprecise and inexact measurements, it means method, it means procedure, it means control of all the variables that may affect the result of our tests.

But rigour also means adhering to the truth, rid ourselves of our prejudices and become enthusiastic when we interpret our results, it´s looking for all the possible explanations for that which we observe. It´s an attitude that goes against the weaknesses of human nature, it does not allow laziness, lack of attention or unfounded conclusions, it does not allow for accepting the prevailing opinion if there is a lack of facts to support it.

Rigour is present in the essence of the scientific task; it implies a structured and controlled manner of planning, developing, analysing and evaluating.

The idea of rigour, which has fuelled us from the start and through which Laboratorio Agrama has blossomed, has allowed us to become a project full of vigour, in which new ramifications have emerged and new directions in which to grow. This is due to the drive and energy of a young, motivated group, the encouragement of training and innovation and also the conviction, firmly established in the whole organisation, that ends are only achieved with stamina, effort and rigour.


“Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of an effort of intelligence”
John Ruskin


Certification no. 423/LE 838:

According to the criteria established under the standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 for the realization of tests on WATER, SOILS AND FOLIAGE as defined in the corresponding technical appendix.

Certification no. 423/LE 1170:

According to the criteria established under the standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 for the realization of tests on AGRO-FOOD PRODUCTS as defined in the corresponding technical appendix.





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